Ms. Resume Writer

Hi! It's Nora. I just started this Tumblr account. I like to help write resumes for my firends. I have been saying that I am going to create the most boring tumblr page ever all about resumes. So here it is!

The hidden job market

Here is an article about one of the most important things in today’s job search. I advise people to search for their jobs before they are posted. This article talks about the same philosophy.

Experts say many of the job openings out there are not advertised - resourceful applicants just need to seek them out.

Freewriting Resume Process

Nora’s Resume Free Writing Exercise

1. Get a blank piece of paper or even better start a new document on your computer

2.Write down 10 jobs you want

3. Pick your favorite job position

4. Then imagine the qualities they are looking for in that position. Just write as much down as you can

5. Figure out which of those qualities is most important to someone who would hire you

6. Write down how you have those qualities and examples of how you shown that you have them in your career. Go to fucking town on this.

After that I can help. I don’t know much about different industries, and most likely you know more then me about it. Sometimes it is hard to do this as a free writing exercise (letting ideas flow and not worrying about typos), if so I can normally get the same answers through some questions. From there I can work on a resume, and create multiple versions for different positions. I will also help with Cover Letters and Email Openers.


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